Air Freight Services

We offer comprehensive export air freight solutions, including pick-up and overland transportation, export consolidation, documentation, warehousing, customs clearance, and airport handling.

Ocean Freight Services

At Speedy World Wide Logistics, we manage all aspects of export ocean freight, from pick-up and overland transportation to export consolidation and documentation. Our services also include CFS and warehousing, container stuffing according to your distribution plan, customs clearance, and port handling.

Overland Transportation

We specializes in efficient and reliable land transportation solutions, ensuring seamless delivery of goods across various destinations.

Custom Clearing Services

Specializing in intricate customs regulations, Speedy World Wide Logistics provides comprehensive custom clearing services, meticulously navigating import and export procedures to ensure seamless international transactions.

Dangerous Goods Handling

Specializing in intricate customs regulations, Speedy World Wide Logistics provides comprehensive custom clearing services, meticulously navigating import and export procedures to ensure seamless international transactions.

Expert Logistic Warehousing

We offers top-notch solutions for efficient and reliable storage and distribution needs.


Since 1989, Speedy Cargo Services, owned by the Awan family, has been the leading name in logistics solutions.

A Legacy of Global Logistics:SPEEDY WORLD WIDE LOGISTICS

For over four decades, Speedy World Wide Logistics has been a trusted name in international transportation, forwarding, and logistics. We've grown from a humble beginning into a comprehensive provider, offering a diverse range of services to meet your evolving needs.

Speedy World Wide Logistics:
Your Trusted Partner in Global Logistics

We understand the importance of reliable and efficient transportation and logistics for your business. With our extensive experience, diverse services, and commitment to excellence, we are your one-stop shop for all your global logistics needs.

"Excellence in motion,
because your cargo deserves the best."

Welcome to Powerful and Creative Logistics! Our mission is to deliver your packages swiftly, safely, and affordably.

Our Expertise

Seamless International Freight Forwarding

Whether you're importing or exporting, we handle the entire process, ensuring your goods arrive safely and on time.

Expert Industrial Project Handling

We have the expertise and resources to manage the complex logistics of large-scale industrial projects.

Reliable Land Transport

We offer door-to-door delivery by rail and road, providing flexibility and control.

Expert Customs House Brokerage

We navigate the intricacies of customs clearance, ensuring your goods comply with all regulations.

Insurance Facilitation

We secure the right insurance coverage to protect your valuable cargo.

Streamlined Supply Chain Logistics

We optimize your supply chain for efficiency and cost-effectiveness, from procurement to delivery.

Efficient Transit Trade Movement

We facilitate the smooth flow of goods across borders, adhering to all regulations.

Convenient Wholesale Freight Management

We handle the complexities of bulk freight, ensuring cost-effective and timely delivery.

Proactive Risk Management

We identify and mitigate potential risks throughout the logistics process.



Let's dive right in. We're all too familiar with the dynamic landscape of our industry, where adaptability and innovation are key to staying ahead. Each organization has its unique approach to tackling the complexities of logistics.

At our core, we're committed to staying agile, informed, and proactive. This forward-thinking mindset enables us to deliver exceptional logistics experiences to our global customer base.

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Waqas Akram Awan
Managing Partner
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"Results speak for themselves."

In line with this philosophy, I'm thrilled to introduce our newly revamped website. This milestone marks a significant step in our continuous pursuit of elevating customer service and expanding our product portfolio.

Take a moment to explore our new digital hub for more insights.

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Strength in Unity

At our company, every team member is considered family. As a family-operated business, we hold core values of respect, integrity, tolerance, and honesty in high regard. Our dedication to our customers' success is as strong as our commitment to our own standards.

Each team member brings unique experiences and a global perspective to our collective goals. We thrive on breaking barriers and forging connections. Through creative thinking, independent work, and a sense of ownership, we consistently deliver high-quality solutions with a focus on long-term sustainability.


Every individual in our company is treated with equal respect, regardless of their role. We encourage and support new ideas, believing that honest and fair interactions foster mutual respect.


We uphold integrity by consistently making ethical decisions and delivering on our promises. We prioritize finding optimal solutions for our customers, even if it takes time and effort.

Customer-Centric Approach

Our success is measured by the success of our customers. We devote all our efforts to your success, offering tailored solutions such as streamlined communication channels, flexible strategies, and dedicated points of contact.

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"Excellence in Motion," Because Your Cargo Deserves the Best."
"Excellence in Motion," Because Your Cargo Deserves the Best."


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